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Karma Yoga Award To Eternal Way

Rocco Bruno

In October of 2010, Rocco Bruno, the Eternal Way Center, and it’s E.A.T. Outreach Program were celebrated with the Karma Yoga Award, granted by Yoga Sanga, The Yoga Online Magazine of Texas. In the words of Yoga Sanga:

“Karma Yoga is selfless service. It is the action that transcends the Ego, the path of doing the right action, what in yoga we call Dharma.”

As a follow-up to the award, Karma Yoga featured an article on Rocco and the Eternal Way.

We always enjoy hearing from the community, so after you’ve read the article you can share your thoughts with us at info@eternalway.org

Individuals interested in being a volunteer and helping to deliver food can contact Rocco@eternalway.org or call 512-445-1080.

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