Spiritual Services

The Eternal Way’s programs and services are designed to meet people in their specific area of need on their path of unfoldment and quest to know and realize God in their life.

The combined programs serve to elevate spiritual awareness, to encourage heightened mental discernment, and to improve physical vitality.


Meditation Programs and Services

The Eternal Way offers seminars, meditation classes in various styles, and a monthly community spiritual gathering for interfaith worship.

The Eternal Way publishes its own literature and music on and for spiritual unfoldment as well as making available other published works by like-minded authors.


Holistic Lifestyle Education

The House of Health is a natural health ministry and includes education in body temple purification, body work and balancing, stress reduction, food use and preparation, yoga, and overall life-enhancement techniques. Assistance is offered on a donation basis. No one is ever turned away based on their ability to pay. We have a referral network of health providers who also serve a wide variety of health care needs at a reduced scale or on a donation basis. Self-responsibility training is a foundational component of all of our educational programs. People receiving help are taught the value of preventive self-care and of making choices that promote constructive, productive, life mission-oriented living.

As Rocco BenRoy, Director, asserts: “The highest healing and nourishment is, of course, to know God within yourself and then to live a God-centered, God-inspired, and God directed life.”


E.A.T. Outreach

The E.A.T. (Everybody Ate Today) Outreach empowers people by giving them access to nourishing, whole food for their heightened well-being and ideally, of course, for a better way of life. Whole food gifts are made available by businesses and individuals who care enough to donate surplus organic, whole, undenatured foodstuffs to the E.A.T. Outreach program. The E.A.T. Outreach, in turn, distributes directly to those we are guided to assist. Read more


Clothe My Children Outreach

The Clothe My Children Outreach receives clothing and other useful items for children and distributes them to families in need.


Interfaith Weddings and Music

We perform interfaith weddings here at the Eternal Way or at the wedding venue you have chosen. We also offer premarital counseling and work closely with you to personalize your ceremony and vows. Keyboard service and direction in choosing your music is available. We have a network of wedding photographers, caterers, and florists to help make your wedding the beautiful and sacred occasion you have imagined.


Spiritual Counseling

The Eternal Way offers spiritual guidance and mentoring on a donation basis to people who need direction and greater mental and emotional clarity in their life’s path to God-consciousness.


Kriya Yoga Tradition

Kriya Yoga represents the ancient and timeless principles of constructive living to remember one’s wholeness in God. Ayurvedic health routines, principles of mind and consciousness, and Kriya meditation techniques are all taught and emphasized. Interested individuals may inquire into initiation for advanced Kriya breath techniques. Read more